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The power of mindsets..

Now i wanna share my thoughts haha...

I believe the Spirit has been starting to do a work of breaking the constricted mindsets we've all begun to harbor in our lives. I 'm starting to see that our level of fruitfullness in ministry, in our secular jobs, in our academics etc.. is only limited by our mindsets!

Just think about these familiar scenarios that i've always asked myself:

1.Why does my cell feel so dead and dry every week? PnW sounds like a karaoke sessions.

2.Why can't i seem to communicate well and confidently with certain people in my life like my sheep, my peers etc.?

3.Why do i feel that i'm not really doing anything worthy and valuable for the ministry?

4.Why do i always feel so self pity?

5.Why do i feel visionless?

See..I've realised that asking these questions is also a constricted mindset in itself!And what a limited mindset i have! As long i'm asking 'Why' all the time, change will never come. As long as i ponder and try to identify solutions to these 'why' questions, i'll always remain in the same place.

That's why our cells don't grow to their potentials! That's why our spiritual lives are still at point A all these months! That is why our lives and cell group feel so dead and quiet.... because we've been asking too many 'whys' and have stopped seeing the 'What-Ifs'!

It all boils down to a decision of the mindsets we harbor in our heads. The greatest threat to the devil is not the next great move of God we experience in our lives and in our cells, neither is it the number of souls that we've 'supposedly' brought to church. The greatest threat to the devil is when the real sons and daughters of the house of the Lord start seeing the prophetic destinies God has placed in their lives, and then, they begin to step into it! We can have many saved members in church, but if they do not step into their destiny, they are just pew-warmers. We can raise a gazillion leaders in the ministry with the finest training and inspirations, but as long as people do not see the mind-boggling destiny God has ordained for their lives, they live in a life devoid of power and vision!

To begin to learn to see the prophetic destinies God has for us, we must first begin to break our man-made, limited mindsets. One mindset i struggle with is that i always question: Why isn't my cell so passionate for God? Then i realised that i can't blame my cell members, but that it has got to do with the leaders not teaching them how to be passionate for God. And the reason the leaders do not teach is because we ourselves have got the same mindsets. Here are 3 mindsets that i outrageously hate:

1.It's good to dream big dreams, but please be factual and realistic now.

I acknowledge that people who dream tall dreams every hour but do not lift a single finger to take action, are just NATO(No Action, Talk Only). However, I prefer to err towards this side, because to dream is better than not to dream at all! Yes, sometimes the dreams God has placed in me seems impossible and totally unrealistic now, but if you really believe the dream will be fulfilled, only the sky's the limit. I've got dreams my entire extended family will get saved one day, but i remember people telling me i should start with just one family member years ago. In just the past 2 years, 2 cousins, 1 auntie, my mum, sister and bro got saved, all without me even preaching Christ to them! God surpassed my expectation and faith..Anyone dare to ask me to dream about getting 1 soul saved only still?

Yes, it is true it is a fact now that your family isn't saved. But what are you gonna do about that fact? Let facts lead you to dream dreams, not control your dreams!

2.You're faith level is higher than mine.So, i don't think my dream will happen.

Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus say that we should compare our level of faith. It is true that God has planted a measure of faith in every heart, small or big, but size does not matter, because as long as we look around and think others have got bigger faith than us, we are unknowingly squeezing ourselves into a mold of self-pity and envy.. Come on! Jesus said if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to a mountain "Move!", and it will be cast into the sea! Visionless people always compare others to themselves, because they do not see the prophetic destiny God has for them. Stop comparing, and start seeing!

3. I have no control over my mindsets. The enemy has control over them.

This the greatest lie from the pit of Hell, that you have no power to change your mindset, and that the devil can read your mind, every thought of it. Too often we spiritualise things, like "The devil has been affecting my thoughts with evil pictures", when actually the fault lies with us not taking responsibility to guard our mindsets! It's true that Satan has been long around enough to know human behavior patterns, but realise the truth that only God created you, and so only He knows every single thought you have within. Plus, God gave us the gift of will(i.e choice) to make decisions. So if you feel you've lost control of your mindset, you're believing Satan's lie. Right now, where-ever you are, be bold and make a conscious decision to guard your mind with the Blood of Christ!You only lose your mindset when you willingly choose to surrender control of it to the devil...

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Ok sorry here..but i haven't updated for 1 week. Was super busy with my tele-receptionist job and with planning for last saturday's zone outing at East Coast Park!

Here are some short updates of the week:

-Received retrenchment notice from Teledirect that all receps are working for the last week. The company offered another telemarekting job though, but i declined because of personal focuses.

-Got my April pay of $1028 this week! However, it came 2 days later in cheque than everyone else (15th May), and i was so frustrated, i kept pestering my manager & team leader. The reason: The HR lady forgot to key in the last two digits of my bank account no....duh...

-Had a fabulous zone games outing@ East Coast Park! The mood was quite awkward at the icebreaker game at first, but the games got very fun at the middle till the end with sabby and my impromptu idea to get some malay guys to be the judge of the 'Most Beautiful Sandcastle' award. Thank God for smooth games, and excellent weather! Other than getting floored by Joseph and getting an UPPER-CUT on my nose from his fist in Captain's Ball..Nose feels like dropping anytime now.

-Witnessed baptism of my fellow zone mbrs. Congrats to Kim Siong,Daphne,Geneviene,Clarence,Sarita,Joey,Meida,Vanessa on taking that step of faith! No turning back, but looking onward at the Lord Jesus forever yea?

-Had a quite hilaroious time making fun of lavvie's swollen foot at work and sending her to CGH in a cab,and visiting her on Friday morning. She's discharged now. (Please don't eat crab after snakebites in future..)

Yup..I basically had quite an eventful week. But i still praise the Lord for all He had done throughout the week,especially His encouragement to me about delighting in Him when i was feeling moody and depressed over certain issues in my life. Interestingly,Pst Dan has been talking about returning to delighting in the Garden of Eden this 2 weeks..a timely Word in season.

Ok that was just updates.

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